Seminars - Congresses and Incentives in Morocco

M I C E in Marrakech

Meetings in Casablanca

Incentives in Morocco

  • A fairy tale from Thousand and One Nights
  • 5 days conference in Marrakech
  • Appointment on request from 2654, € p.p. from 20 pax

Organization and professionalism

Conference, product launch, employee motivation – we are familiar with every scenario. We know how to arrange times devoted to work, but also activities which channel energies and encourage collective development.
A wide range of hotels
In Marrakech and Casablanca, take advantage of the region's numerous possibilities to reunite your company's vital strengths. Many establishments have rooms and equipment to promote your message, your vision and your strategy.
Productive activities

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  • Meetings in Casablanca
  • Appointment on request from 1.787, € p.p. from 20 pax
1 day:
flight from Germany to Casablanca
In Casablanca welcome at the airport by dr. Aabadi and his team.

Supporting program: big city tour through the exciting cosmopolitan city. Visit the famous Hassan II Mosque, an impressive experience.

Supporting program: Lunch followed by a walk along the famous beach promenade "la Corniche".
  • 3 Days In & Outdoor Incentives
  • Appointment on request from 789, € p.p. from 20 pax

Camps on the edge of the desert, quad bikes and 4X4s, golfing, trekking, excursions – the range of activities on offer when work meetings are over is almost infinite. Many teams have already come here to bond their energies, with trips in hot-air balloons, karting races or a circuit of the aerial assault course.

Added attraction

After a seminar or convention in Morocco, your employees will come back enriched by the adventure that you have given them the opportunity to experience and share. And also more productive, re-motivated and aware of the strength of a team when it is bonded through values and objectives expressed in the most positive way by management.